Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Is the ITC office open on weekends?

    No. ITC office hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM only. You may check the ITC Homepage for network advisories or email for network inquiries outside office hours.

  • Who is the director of ITC?

    Prof. Rozano S. Maniaol from the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) is the current ITC Director. Find the list of former ITC Directors here.

  • MS Office 365
  • How do I download and install MS Office 365 apps?

    After receiving an MS Office 365 account (see question on how to obtain MS Office 365 account), follow these steps to correctly download and install MS Office 365 apps:

    (1) Go to:;

    (2) Enter your MS Office 365 email:;

    (3) Enter the temporary password;

    (4) Change temporary password.

    There should be a link in the upper right corner that says, “Install Office”.

    Click the arrow down button and click on “Office 365 apps”.

    Please note that your MS Office 365 account is different from your UP Mail account.

  • How do I obtain an MS Office 365 account?

    To request for Microsoft Office 365 account credentials, kindly fill out the form found at this link:

    Kindly follow the instructions on the said form.

    Once filled out, you will receive an email in after a few working days containing the MS Office 365 account details.

  • What if MS Office 365 shows an "expired license" error?

    When showing an “expired license” error make sure that: (1) the user is signed in to the correct MS Office 365 account; (2) if already signed in, the user may need to sign out then sign in again; (3) if all else fails, send an email to

  • NetID and UP Mail
  • How can I access the UPLB webmail/Liham?

    Go to using your Internet browser. Enter your NetID and password on the spaces provided, and then click on the Login button.

  • How can I have a NetID?

    Current UPLB students or employees are eligible for the NetID. If you are a student, go to the ITC office with your valid UPLB ID or validated Form 5; if you are an employee, present your valid UPLB ID or current employment contract. For more information, visit our UPLB NetID page.

  • What is the difference between the UP Mail account and the UPLB NetID?

    Your UP Mail account is your email address ( for access to UP system-wide information and communication, such as the University Information Systems (UIS) and the Student Admission Information System (SAIS). Your UPLB NetID is your UPLB Liham email address ( and what you use to access the UPLB WiFi.

  • Network Support
  • What should I do when I cannot connect to the Internet?

    If you notice that your Internet connection has suddenly stopped but your computer hardware seems to be functioning just fine, try checking your LAN cable if it hasn’t been disconnected from its plug. If all else fails, call ITC at +639 49 536 2886 for inquiry and assistance.

  • Training
  • How can I schedule for training?

    To set a schedule for training or to make inquiries, contact us at: (+6349) 536-2886 or VoIP 100. A minimum of six (6) persons should be enlisted before a training activity could continue.

  • What training activities are available at ITC?

    Training activities on creating websites using WordPress and on basic computer literacy and troubleshooting have been conducted upon request. To set a schedule for training or to make inquiries, contact ITC at: (+6349) 536-2886 or VoIP 100. A minimum of six (6) persons should be enlisted before a training activity could continue.

  • UIS
  • How do I install and configure Java in my computer?

    To download the Java installer, go to

    Select Windows Online filesize: 1.97 MB.

    To configure, refer to the Java configuration manual attached.


  • What are the working installers for UIS?

    The UIS works on Mozilla ESR (Extended Support Release) version 52.9 32-bit and Java 8 update 45 32-bit.

  • What is UIS?

    UIS stands for University Information Systems, which give much-needed support to the UP administration in making timely decisions for the benefit of the University’s stakeholders, as well as for easier data collection about our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. UIS encompasses more specific systems that include the Human Resource Information System (HRIS); the Financial Management Information System (FMIS); the Supplies, Procurement, and Campus Management Information System (SPCMIS); the Student Academic Information System (SAIS); and the Executive Information System (EIS). These systems form a robust data network that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as internet connectivity is available. For more info on UIS, visit

  • Where do I get a working Mozilla Firefox installer and how do I configure it in my computer?

    Here are the links where you can download the installer for Firefox ESR.
    For Windows
    For Mac
    Please close all Firefox windows before proceeding with the installation process.
    At the very end, click the “Upgrade” button to complete the process.
    Go to Firefox Preferences, then click the Advanced tab. Kindly select the “Never check for updates” option.

  • UPLB WiFi
  • How can I access the UPLB WiFi?

    You need a NetID to be able to access the WiFi on campus. To register, just go to the ITC office with your valid UPLB ID and validated Form 5 (for students)/current employment contract (for staff). For more info, visit our UPLB NetID page.

  • How many devices can I connect to the UPLB WiFi?

    Two or three devices may be connected to the WiFi at one time under one account. However, UPLB NetID account holders are discouraged from sharing their account with others. After all, every active student and employee of UPLB is encouraged to have their own UPLB NetID account.

  • Who can access the UPLB WiFi?

    Only those who have a UPLB NetID may be granted WiFi access. Staff and students of UPLB will be able to access this once they register through the ITC office.