The MIS (Management Information Systems) Team is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying internal office applications and solutions aimed at the improvement of University processes towards a more efficent and effective electronic-supported and standardized data management system. So many things must be done since current processes in the University still rely heavily on paper-based documents. The main challenge for the Application Services Team, therefore, is to collect and analyze these documents and provide the best management solutions for each of the University’s offices.

For offices who would like an electronic-supported and standardized data management system, we offer:

Software Development

Our recent projects include the UPLB Online Telephone Directory, University Library Internet Usage Tracking System, UPLB Document Tracking System (Version 2.0), the CEC Hostel Website and Reservation System, the OAR Alumni Information System, SPMO Stock Management Information System, and the HRDO Employee Information System.

Web Content Management

We currently support web content management using Joomla! as a content management system (CMS). Offices may also use their preferred CMS, although ITC provides full support to Joomla! as we conduct trainings on it.

To avail our services, please write a formal request addressed to: Mr. Rozano S. Maniaol (ITC Director)