ITC Training Course 3


12 hours (3 days, 4 hours/day)

Training Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

1. conceptualize their website design;

2. construct a content structure for their website; and

3. use Joomla! for designing and maintaining their website.

Training Course Outline:

DAY 1: Introduction to Joomla!

1. Introduction on Web Content Management

  • What is Web Content Management?
  • The People
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Joomla! vs. WordPress vs. Drupal

2. Getting Started with Joomla!

  • Introducing the Front End (The Public Interface)
  • Introducing the Back End (The Admin Interface)
  • Logging-in to the Back End
  • Exploring the Back End

3. Understanding the Joomla Content Hierarchy

  • Concept of Web Content Hierarchy
  • Creating Typical Content Structures
  • Working with Sections and Categories


  • Web Design Tips and Tricks

DAY 2: Working with Joomla! (Part 1)

1. Working with Articles

  • The Article Manager
  • Creating and Editing Articles
  • Article Functionalities (Read More, Pagebreak, Linkr, etc.)
  • Article Parameters
  • Inserting Images to Articles
  • Publishing Articles on the Front Page
  • BONUS TOPIC: Search Engine Optimization

2. The Media Manager

  • Overview of the Media Manager
  • Uploading Media Files

3. Working with the Menu System

  • Creating and Managing Menus and Menu Items
  • The Menu Manager
  • Menu Item Types
  • Controlling the Appearance of Menus

DAY 3: Working with Joomla! (Part 2)

1. Working with the User Manager

  • The Joomla User Hierarchy
  • The User Manager
  • Adding Users to the System
  • Controlling Access to Content and Functionalities

2. Adding Functionalities through Components and Modules

  • The DOCMan Component
  • Adding Contacts and Creating Contact Us Menu
  • Creating and Managing Modules


  • Working with Templates
  • Local Installation of Joomla! (on your PC)

NOTE: Training outline is subject to change without prior notice.

A Certificate of Attendance will be given to participants who have completed the 3-day/12-hour training/workshop.

To see if there are available Joomla trainings, go to Available IT Trainings.


If there are no available Joomla trainings at present and you want to have it conducted for your unit, office, or department, call the ITC office at :

536-2886 opt. 2

VoIP 100

Look for Kriz Tolentino or Annie Palmes.