How to Apply?

We will assist you to showcase your websites by allocating space on our computer servers that are connected to the Internet. Please see our Guidelines for Web Hosting Service.

Schedule of availability
8:00 AM – 5:00 AM

Eligible to Avail of Service
Any college or office under the University in need hosting of their college or official website (microsites) can avail of the said service.
1. Letter request for hosting
2. Hosting Requirements Form (Download Here)

Duration: (Depends on the Client (Requesting College/Office) and the service Provider (ITC))

1Submit letter request and hosting requirements form to the ITC Director for approvalCall/Inform Client if request can be granted. Set-up a meetingDepends when will the request be approvedITC Director(None)Letter request for hosting and Hosting Requirements Form
2Explain further the purpose and other requests for the website. State a schedule for deployment. Sign the “Web Hosting Agreement”Explain the policies, Client’s responsibilities and Service Provider’s responsibilities. State the needs/requirements during deployment. Agree with the client a date for deployment. Sign the “Web Hosting Agreement”15-20 minWeb Administrator(None)
3Help during deploymentDeploy on date agreedDepends on the time/period of deploymentWeb Administrator(None)