Schedule of availability of Service:

Person In Charge;
Ms. Anita D. Palmes
Administrative Officer

*This service is strictly for UPLB projects only.
The computer rent-to-own scheme will facilitate the acquisition of computer  by UPLB units who have no capital outlay for equipment (COE).
The service will also ensure that computer units so acquired will be properly accounted for and turned over to the requesting office through Deed of Donation.

1. Submit a letter of request addressed to ITC Director.
2. Upon request from client, ITC will acquire the computer(s) and implement the following term of payment:
One-year term: acquisition cost of computer (VAT inclusive) + 12% interest divided by 12 monthly payments

3. ITC will turn over the computer(s) upon completion of payment and approval of transfer of Property Acquisition Receipt (PAR) through a Deed of Donation.


ITC will purchase computer units only upon request. ITC will not keep inventories. Advanced notice to ITC shall be the protocol.
ITC will acquire computer units according to government procurement law (i.e through public bidding, shopping).
All equipment shall remain property of ITC until all fees are paid as specified in the agreement, and ownership transfers to the client by transfer of PAR through a Deed of DOnation.
The client agrees to use the equipment at the office specifies in the agreement and shall not remove, lease, assign, rent, lend, transfer, assign, alter, repair, disassemble, modify, encumber, or assign a security interest without a written permission from ITC.
The client shall use the equipment in a careful and proper manner in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. The client may not use the equipment for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner.
The client will, at its expense, comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the use, operation, transportation of the equipment and will defend, indemnify and hold ITC harmless for any loss, liability or expense resulting from actual or alleged violations of such laws or regulations.
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