UPLB Campus WiFi Project

    Project Owner: University of the Philippines Los Baños

    Project Duration : January - December 2017

    This WiFi project is a university-wide implementation of a WiFi service using UPLB log-in credentials

    Fiber Optic Cable Upgrade Phase 2

    Project Owner: University of the Philippines Los Baños

    Project Duration : July 2017 - Present

    Phase 2 aims to provide direct fiber optic cable (FOC) connection to 90 campus buildings to the main data center

    Fiber Optic Cable Upgrade Phase 1

    Project Owner: University of the Philippines Los Baños

    Date Started : July 2016 - October 2017

    Phase 1 aims to provide direct multible fiber optic cable (FOC) connection from ISPs outside campus to the main data center

    Budget Clearance Portal

    Project Owner: UPLB OVCPD

    Project Duration : February - July 2017

    The OVCPD Budget Clearance Portal is a system that records all approved budget clearance


    Project Owner: UPLB College of Agriculture

    Project Duration : March - December 2017

    CAFS Portal is a web application designed to allow faculty and researcher personnel to manage information and service records in a convenient way


    Project Owner: HRDO

    A system that manages daily time records as gathered from bio-metrics devices, and allows authorized UPLB employees to access and manage their records online

    UPLB Telephone Directory

    Project Owner: UPLB ITC

    Project Duration : February - May 2016

    UPLB Telephone Directory is a system that collates all the official contact information providing users a faster searching facility

    Payment Appointment System

    Project Owner: UPLB OUR

    Project Duration : January  - June 2017

    This system is intended to provide support during the student registration process, by allowing students to create an appointment for when they would like to pay their fees


[SECURITY ADVISORY, 18 January 2019] Review your email security

There are recent incidents of emails and passwords being compromised and made available publicly. Here’s what you can do to secure your email accounts:

  1. Visit and see if any of your email accounts have been compromised.
  2. If your account has been compromised, change your password, including all passwords for other online services connected to it such as your social media accounts.
  3. Enable multi-factor authentication for all your email accounts, which requires more than one method of authentication to verify your identity for a login.

For more info, contact the ITDC Helpdesk at (02) 376-3100 and (02) 376-3101 or email