UPLB Payment Appointment System

Website Development

  • Project Owner
    UPLB Office of the University Registrar (OUR)
  • Project Duration
    January  – June 2017
  • Project Description
    This system is intended to provide support during the student registration process, by allowing students to create an appointment for when they would like to pay their fees. Prior to the creation of the PAS, the payment process would have the students queueing up in front of the Cashier’s Office at any given time, whenever they were ready to pay their dues. This would sometimes result in a long line of people waiting outside. With the help of the PAS, students can now select a date and time when they would pay their fees, and will only have to visit the Cashier’s Office on the day of their appointment. This minimizes the crowd of people gathered at the Admin building, making it easier for office personnel to assist paying students.