Library Policies

To present the policies to be implemented in the Main Library, and all other unit libraries within the University of the Philippines – Los Baños.

The policies described in this document applies to students and employees of the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, as well as guests from other schools or institutions who avail computer-related services in the Main Library or in any of the unit libraries within the campus.

Definition of Terms
Administrator. Pertains to an authorized library employee, tasked to monitor and supervise computer services-related activities.
Authorization. Pertains to the action of allowing a user to conduct a particular action on a workstation.
User. Pertains to a student or an employee availing computer services at the library.
Workstation. A public computer that is used by users for any academic-related work. This work includes but is not limited to: 1) using Microsoft Office tools (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.); 2) browsing the Internet for academic purposes; and, 3) visiting online journal databases for research purposes.


Logging in
Users must login using the guest account provided on the public workstation. Under no circumstance should an administrator login to the workstation and allow the user to work with the authorized account.

Downloading and saving files
Users are allowed to download materials from trusted sources (as allowed/permitted in the University network), or to create any document with tools such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. for academic purposes. Should the user plan to retrieve these files later on, they must save their files in the provided shared folder.

Retrieving saved or downloaded files
By default, USB mass storage devices are no longer allowed access on the workstations. Any material downloaded or saved on a workstation should be placed in the shared folder accessible on the computer. The user must ask assistance from an administrator and inform the authorized staff that he/she would like to retrieve files that he/she has downloaded or created.
Installing software on a public workstation
Should a user request the installation of software on a workstation for academic purposes, the administrator must first check if the software will not jeopardize the security of the computer. If the software to be installed is deemed to be malicious, the administrator has the right to reject the installation request. 

Scanning, printing and copying
The aforementioned services are to be conducted by the administrator. Scanned documents are to be retrieved from the administrator’s workstation, while files to be printed would have to be saved on the shared folder and handled by the administrator.

Library rules concerning the use of public workstations
1) Users are strictly prohibited from installing or placing any software on a public workstation, without the authorization of a library administrator.
2) Users are not permitted to use their mass storage devices on the public workstations.
3) Users must always ask for assistance from library administrators when retrieving files, printing or scanning documents.
4) Users are expected to follow the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy implemented by the University when accessing the Internet via a public workstation.

Consequences of Rule Violation
Any user caught to have violated rules implemented by the libraries and by the University will be subject to processing as described in the University’s ICT policy.