UPLB Network ID Usage Guidelines and Terms of Service

I. Overview

A UPLB Network ID (or NetID) is a digital user identifier for use within the UPLB Network and its accompanying services. It is a unique username assigned to any eligible UPLB Constituent. The identity of the user is verified by a secret password known only to the NetID owner. The NetID owner uses the NetID to gain access to University Network resources and services, such as network access, e-mail, library and chat services. UPLB Information Technology Center maintains the computer systems which provide the authentication mechanisms for the NetID.

II. Eligibility for a NetID

A NetID is available for UPLB students, staff, faculty, and alumni. The NetID service is for free and not for sale. Anyone who charges money for account creation is illegally doing so. If such a case is encountered, kindly report to ITC the details of the incident, and ITC will take appropriate actions. All NetIDs inactive for over a year will be disconinued.

A. Students

A NetID is available for students who are currently enrolled in any UPLB degree program, whether undergraduate or graduate. Cross-registered students would be allowed to own a temporary NetID for the duration of their stay in the University.

B. Employees

    1. Faculty – Current members of UPLB faculty, both for undergraduate & graduate programs

    2. Administrative Staff – current members of UPLB administrative staff

    3. REPS – current members of Research, Extension and Professional Staff

    4. NGW – current members of UPLB non-government workers

    5. Contractual – e.g Visiting Professors, DOST Balik-Scientists, etc.

    6. Retired Permanent Employees – UPLB retired employees who are not alumni of the University may retain their NetIDs for limited use, e.g. email and chat services. Library privileges and services will be curtailed.

C. Alumni

Alumni are eligible to own NetIDs. Alumni are people who officially graduated from any degree program of the University. Those who did not complete their respective degree programs (e.g dropped out, honorably dismissed, etc.) are not considered as such.

Alumni may retain their NetIDs for limited use as for Retired Permanent Employees. Library services may be requested for reactivaion from the ITC but only if and for the duration that they are involved in research, instruction or extension activities officially sanctioned by UPLB or UPLB-FI. Instruments of involvement (contracts, terms of reference, etc.) must be presented to ITC for reactivaton of library services. Extensions will have to be requested anew.

D. Visitors and Guests

Non-UPLB constituents visiting the University may be given a temporary NetID account to access the internet for the duration of their stay. After their stay, the account will be deleted immediately.

III. How to obtain a NetID

To apply for a NetID, personally bring the necessary documents for identification purposes to the ITC office from 8:30-11 :30 a.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m.

A. Students

  1. For Freshmen: After paying matriculation at the Cashier’s Office, bring the validated Form 5 to the ITC office.
  2. For Continuing Students w/out a NetlD: Validated Form 5 and validated UPLB student ID
B. Employees

Appointment paper from HRDO and UPLB ID or any valid picture ID (driver’s license, BIR ID, GSIS ID, etc.)

C. Alumni

Letter from the Office of the Alumni Relations verifying you are indeed a member of the UPLB alumni, and any valid picture ID (driver’s license, BIR ID, GSIS ID, SSS ID, Company ID, passport, etc.)

D. Visitors and Guests

Two valid picture lDs, preferably company ID or student ID, and any document that bears the purpose of visit to the University (i.e. invitation as a speaker, trip ticket, travel request, waiver, etc.)

IV. Responsibilities of the NetID owner

The purpose of NetID is for access to University Network resources and services, such as network access, e-mail, library, and chat services. Usage of NetlD inconsistent with its purpose is not allowed.

Do not try to interfere with or alter the integrity of the system at large, by doing any of the following:

permitting another individual to use your account
impersonating other individuals in communication
attempting to capture or crack passwords or encryption
destroying or altering data or programs belonging to other users
Any attempt to do so will result to temporary or permanent deactivation of the NetlD account.

A. Taking Care of the NetID

The NetID is the user’s online identity, so the utmost care should be taken so that it is not stolen or compromised. A malicious person can use another person’s NetID to wreak havoc inside the UPLB Network. The following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Never write down your password, as this is an easy way for a password to be stolen.
  2. Don’t use passwords that can be easily identified with you (e.g. birthdate)
  3. Use only trusted computers when inputting your password. Viruses or malicious users can use keyloggers or other means to steal your NetID password.
  4. Use secure passwords and change them periodically.
  5. When connecting over the internet, use secure services (such as SSL or HTTPS) whenever possible, when transmitting your password.
  6. If you suspect that your NetID password has been compromised or that somebody else is using your NetID, immediately change your password and report the incident to ITC. Supplying details will be helpful in tracking down who or how the NetlD was compromised.
  7. Make sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder when typing in your password.
  8. To make a good and strong password, the following criteria must be satisifed:
                    At least eight(8) characters.
                    At least one lower case letter (a-z).
                    At least one upper case letter (A-Z).
                    At least one digit (0-9).
                    Do not use any special characters.

B. Lost NetID and/or Password

Should the NetlD username or password be forgotten or lost, kindly visit the ITC office from 8:30-11 :30 a.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m. and bring any of the following:

                    UPLB ID
                    Validated Form 5 (for students only)
                     Driver’s License
                     BIR ID
                     GSIS ID
                     SSS ID
                     Postal ID
                    Company ID (for alumni only)

C. Penalties for Misuse

Misuse of UPLB NetID entails intentional lending of UPLB NetlD to others, such as non-UPLB students, employees, alumni, and alike, to access the UPLB Network and its related services. Kindly report to ITC anyone who participates in this illegal activity.

For misuse of UPLB NetlD, ITC will strictly impose the following set of disciplinary actions:

            1st Offense:

            A warning letter or e-mail will be given to the person thru Office of Student Affairs for students, thru the department head for employees, and thru Office of the Alumni Affairs for alumni.

            2nd Offense:

            Indefinite suspension of NetlD account. To re-enable it, a letter of appeal addressed to the ITC Director and a notarized affidavit stating that the misuse will not be committed again shall be submitted to ITC for review and evaluation.

            3rd Offense:

             Permanent suspension of NetID account with no recourse to appeal.

V. Privileges of the NetID Owner

A NetID enables access to NetID-enabled UPLB Network Services. Most of these services will not be otherwise accessible. Some examples of NetlD-enabled services are the following:

  1. UPLB Campus-wide Wi-Fi
  2. UPLB E-mail
  3. UPLB Chat
  4. UPLB Forums
  5. UPLB Docutrack (designated employees only)
  6. UPLB Joomla! Websites Administration (designated employees only)
  7. UPLB Library services
As ITC’s services expand, new services will require, whenever possible, a NetlD for user authentication.

VI. Leaving the University

A. Students

         1. Graduating students
ITC will only grant access to their accounts for only one year after graduation.
They can keep their accounts if they register as an alumnus at the Office of the Alumni Relations.
        2. Students who leave the institution without graduating (e.g., transfer, dismissal, etc.) will only retain access to their accounts for one month following the termination of their association with the University.
        3. Students on leave of absence (including study abroad) will retain their accounts.

B. Employees

        1. Faculty or staff who permanently retire
                    They can keep their accounts for as long as it is active.
                    Accounts inactive for more than a year will be discontinued.
        2. Faculty who leave the University for other reasons
                     ITC will only grant access to their accounts for only six months following the termination of their relationship with the University.
        3. Staff who leave the University for other reasons
                    ITC will terminate their accounts immediately.
        4. Employees who leave the University for other reasons but are alumni
                    They can keep their accounts if they register as an alumnus at the Office of the Alumni Relations.

VII. Privacy and Security

ITC, as the maintainer of the UPLB Network ID system, holds all the records of NetID users. ITC has no power to look at the passwords of the users, though they have the ability to reset it. ITC regularly examines logs of NetID usage for security purposes. ITC will never ask for users’ NetID passwords, whether in person or via electronic means.