There are several possible reasons why you might be not able to access DocuTrack. Please follow the checklist below and see if you have considered one of them:

1. Check your connection.

The first thing to look for is if you are connected to the network. DocuTrack is accessible via the Internet, which means having no connection is a no-no.

To check if you are connected to the network, you can try browsing the Internet through your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.). You will be warned if you don’t have network connection.

Kindly follow our four simple steps to network troubleshooting to solve this.


2. Check your login details.

We’d like to remind you that not everyone with a UPLB email account can access DocuTrack. There are only selected users of the system, mostly those with administrative positions, who can access it. So before simply putting your account details in the login page of DocuTrack, try to ask first from your office if you are one of the users.You may also contact ITC to verify the list of users in your office.

If you’re 100% sure you are one of the users, and yet you still cannot login, you may check your account details. Please note that your username should not include

For example, my email account is To login, I have to input only in the username field ‘user’ and not the whole email account.

If you have done this and still cannot access DocuTrack, try retyping your password. You may have misspelled or mistyped it. You can also try to login to the UPLB Webmail to verify if your password is really working. If you think your password does not work, please contact ITC so we can reset it for you.

Finally, if you have done everything mentioned above and nothing seems to work, you may try another approach.


3. Check your browser.

DocuTrack is a web application currenly compatible and best viewed using Mozilla Firefox. If you’re experiencing problems while using other browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, please switch for a while to Firefox until we have resolved the sytem’s issue with other browsers.

You may also clear your browsing history. Here’s a step-by-step instructions for Mozilla Firefox:


1. If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, go to TOOLS in the Menu Bar located at the upper left.

2.Click TOOLS and scroll down until you see CLEAR RECENT HISTORY.

3.After clicking CLEAR RECENT HISTORY, a box will pop out. (See the below image)


4. Uncheck all the boxes under the DETAILS, except for the CACHE.

5. Click CLEAR NOW at the bottom right of the page.

6. Open DocuTrack and log-in again.

7. Additional Note: At the end of the day before you log out, we advise to clear your cache by doing the same procedures. (Tools –> Clear Recent History –> Check only the CACHE box –> Click CLEAR NOW)


4. Check if the system is up.

This last item from our list can be verified by contacting ITC. There are times when DocuTrack is inaccessible due to server problems or network service outage.


To make sure that Docutrack is not down, kindly call us at 501-4591 or VoIP 100.

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