University Information System

UIS stands for University Information Systems, which give much-needed support to the UP administration in making timely decisions for the benefit of the University’s stakeholders, as well as for easier data collection about our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

UIS encompasses more specific systems that include the Human Resource Information System (HRIS); the Financial Management Information System (FMIS); the Supplies, Procurement, and Campus Management Information System (SPCMIS); the Student Academic Information System (SAIS); and the Executive Information System (EIS). These systems form a robust data network that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as internet connectivity is available. For more info on UIS, visit

What are the working installers for UIS?

The UIS works on Mozilla ESR (Extended Support Release) version 52.9 32-bit and Java 8 update 45 32-bit.

How do I install and configure Java in my computer?

To download the Java installer, go to
Select Windows Online filesize: 1.97 MB.
To configure, refer to the Java configuration manual attached.

Where do I get a working Mozilla Firefox installer and how do I configure it in my computer?

Here are the links where you can download the installer for Firefox ESR.
For Windows
For Mac
Please close all Firefox windows before proceeding with the installation process.
At the very end, click the “Upgrade” button to complete the process.
Go to Firefox Preferences, then click the Advanced tab. Kindly select the “Never check for updates” option.