IT Trainings

The Training Support Team offers free training courses for UPLB constituents regarding IT matters. The team is dedicated to provide UPLB faculty and staff the necessary skills and competitiveness when operating in an IT-based environment.


1. Refresher courses on computer operations.

This course includes basic computer operations like office applications usage, Internet, computer tools, and files and programs management.

2. Introduction to Ubuntu, OpenOffice Writer and OpenOfice Calc

The training aims to help users in the adjustment from using Windows to using Ubuntu Linux and to familiarize them in using OpenOffice Writer and OpenOffice Calc as free alternative for MS Word and MS Excel.

3. Email usage and management

The training aims to familiarize the participants with the UPLB e-mail system for ease of migration from existing free e-mail accounts to UPLB mail account.

4. Open-source applications

This course aims to introduce the users to open-source applications, including the advantages and benefits of using them.

5. Basic PC troubleshooting

A course on how to troubleshoot some of the most common computer problems (i.e Internet connectivity)

6. Joomla! as a Web Content Management System (CMS)

Learn the basics of managing your UPLB websites through Joomla! To view course outline, click here.

If you are interested for a particular training but it is not in the list above or your preferred schedule is not among the list, UPLB ITC may arrange a special class for your unit or group. We could schedule a special training session of one of our regular courses (e.g. Ubuntu training, UPLB Email Management, Docutrack, Joomla!, etc.), or we could customize a class on a particular application (e.g. MS Powerpoint, GIMP). For customized trainings, please allow at least 3 weeks (depending on the topic) for the preparation of training modules and materials.

Free charges apply only to UPLB constituents. (Note that a minimum of six (6) persons should be enlisted before a training can continue.)

To avail our services, please write a formal request addressed to: Asst. Prof. Rozano S. Maniaol (ITC Director)

To inquire further about schedule and available slots, please contact us at: (+6349) 501-4591 (+6349) 536-2886 opt 2 VoIP 100