When accessing some UPLB sites (e.g. DocuTrack,Webmail) for the first time, your web browser will show an error or warning regarding the Site’s Identity or Security Certificate. This is normal, as these sites utilize a UPLB ITC self-signed SSL certificate. Instruct your browser to accept or install the certificate, to be able to securely access the service.

Figure 1: Untrusted Connection warning in Firefox

Figure 2: SSL error in Chrome

Here are the steps to follow:

A. For Firefox users

1. Click “I understand the Risks”, then “Add Exception”.

2. A pop-up window will appear afterwards. Click “View” to see Certificate details.

3. Another window will appear like the image being displayed below. Take note of the details at the bottom part for “Fingerprints”. For intranet sites (e.g. OwnCloud), the fingerprints will be as follows:


For Docutrack, the fingerprints should be:

F1 BD 7A 6D E4 F4 1F B1 3F 0F 1F 31 32 C2 89 DB
7A 91 88 29 6B 5F 21 10 56 B7 78 42 8F 6D 1B 64

01 0A 06 2E 6D 39 38 EB 04 D2 40 4F 77 1E 3A F3
D0 93 F3 D8

4. After checking the certificate details, close the window so you can click “Confirm Security Exception” on the other window. You’re good to go after that.

B. For Chrome users

1. Click on the lock icon at the address bar to view site information.

2. A window will display the following information. Click “Certificate Information” afterwards.

3. For intranet sites (e.g. OwnCloud), the fingerprints should be:

SHA-256 Fingerprint : 17 D8 39 07 C4 FC 92 53 B4 24 B9 09 1C D0 AA 07
6C 67 20 F7 D8 8B 73 F6 E7 F4 10 06 94 45 3D 51

SHA-1 Fingerprint: BA FC 94 07 99 F7 B6 10 24 20 17 0C B4 F2 73 CB
6A D4 5F E7

For Docutrack, the fingerprints should be:

4. Close the window for Certificate Viewer, then click “Proceed Anyway” to finish the process. You may also click “Help me understand” to know more about site security certificates.