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Network Advisory

For the past week or so we have been experiencing slow network  performance and 'packet loss' (e.g. dropped Skype calls). Yesterday we  were informed that two segments of a major cable system connecting the  Philippines and 8 other countries to the Internet have been damaged  [1] (segments S6 and S4A in the enclosed map). Under normal  circumstances networks are 'self healing' in nature, but the two simultaneous cable problems mean that traffic over this particular  system has come to a halt. Most of IRRI HQ network traffic is routed  through Japan using the affected cable system under normal  circumstances.

Providers have re-routed traffic to other cable systems which causes  congestion, especially at peak times.  A specialised vessel has been  mobilised to repair the cable segment between Taiwan and Japan, with an  estimated repair date of April 4. As soon as this segment is restored  traffic should normalise, and when the second repair is done the cable  system will be redundant again.

We'll monitor the situation closely and keep you posted. 

APCN2 submarine cable system
(breaks in segments S6 and S4A)



CFNR's 104th Foundation Day

Convocation | 23 April 2014 (Wed) | 1:00 PM | Nicolas Lansigan Auditorium

Seminar: Saliksik Hayagan | 24 April 2014 (Thur) | 8:00 AM | Nicolas Lansigan Auditorium

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